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        30 Jul 2021
       Top sights
 •  The stone-paved footpaths of Kea represent a sight definitely worth seeing! The full length of the network amounts to 36 kilometres and if you follow it, you will see oak and beech forests, old mills, archaeological sites, traditional settlements and secluded beaches

• In Poisses, on the way to Ioulida, visitors can admire the Tower of Agia Marina and the Byzantine church next to it. If you choose to continue your trip, before reaching Koundouros, you will come across old windmills – windmills are constructions seen all over the island

• The Monastery of Panagia Kastriani, in the northeast part of Kea, is a construction dating back to the 18th century and it is built on a rock overlooking the Aegean

• During ancient times, there were four significant settlements on Kea: Korissos, Ioulida, Poiessa and Karthaea. The latter is by far the most remarkable: numerous findings have been unearthed, such as the acropolis, some temples and a cemetery. Karthaea is accessible via the ancient road network!

• On Kea the best beaches are Sykamia in the south, the secluded beach of Kaliskia near the village of Karthaea, beaches near the villages of Koundouros and Poisses, in the bays of Agios Nikolaos and Otzia

 •  The Festival of Fairy Tales involves the storytelling of myths, local customs, popular traditions. It takes place all over the island by the end of the summer (August and September); the setting is the natural and built environment of Kea

          Island Kea (Tzia) - Municipality of KEA (IOULIS)
Greece Region of Νότιου Αιγαίου Perfecture of KYKLADES
νήσος:  Kea (Tzia)
Capital of the municipality :  KEA (IOULIDA)
Population:  1787

Kea (or Tzia) is the most proximate -to mainland Greece- Cycladic island, an island that combines the Cycladic traits with a centuries-old history and a rich natural environment! The capital of Kea is Ioulida, while the first settlement one comes across when reaching the island’s port is Korissia.
The all-white settlement of Ioulida stands out, even while approaching the island by sea, situated on a barrow. The castle overlooks the settlement and the view from there is magnificent. In Hora, visit the Archaeological Museum, the City Hall and the old School.
On the seacoast of the island there are many sandy beaches and scenic fisherman’s villages, e.g. the village of Gialiskari with the captivating sunset; the inaccessible beach of Xyla; the traditional settlements of Vourkari, Poisses, Koundouros: all worth visiting.
The mainland on Kea is characterised by an intense relief, rich flora, rural villages, and an oak-tree forest in Parameria. The island of Helene or Makronissos, known as a place where political exiles were sent during the post-Civil War period, belongs administratively to the Municipality of Kea.
 •  Municipality of Kea (Tzia): 2288022221 - 2288022002

 •  Police: 228021100

 •  Community Clinic: 2288022200 – Pharmacy: 2288022277

 •  Archaeological Museum: 2288022079

       How to get there
 •  There is a sealine connection between Kea and Lavrion. The journey lasts approximately an hour

 •  Port Authorities: Kea: 2288021344 – Lavrion: 2292025249

 •  KTEL Long-distance bus station of Attica (services terminate at Lavrion): 2108230179, 2108213203


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