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        21 Oct 2020
For the time being, hospitality establishments in the curent area are not registered. Please continue your search in adjacent areas
       Top sights
 •  The Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa (1017 AD) is one of the most important and the most impressive monasteries in the Aegean. It is suspended over the sea as it hangs from a rock that stands 300 meters above the Monastery

• In Hora it is a good idea to take a stroll in the scenic narrow alleys. In the entrance of Kastro there are three towers. In the centre of Hora, the Tower of Gavras nowadays hosts the Archaeological Museum

• In Katapola, watch the view over the ruins of Ancient Minoa and visit the church Panagia Katapoliani

 •  On November 21st is the feast day of Panagia Hozoviotissa. During Easter time, the painting of Virgin Mary is carried about all over the island. On Amorgos there are over 350 small churches and so, feasts and celebrations take place all-year long

 •  Try the Amorgian rakomelo (a mixture of tsipouro or raki and honey)

          Island Amorgos - Municipality of AMORGOS
Greece Region of Νότιου Αιγαίου Perfecture of KYKLADES
νήσος:  Amorgos
Capital of the municipality :  AMORGOS
Population:  1632

Amorgos is a mountainous and arid island, with lovely landscapes and beautiful beaches. The capital town of Amorgos has all-white small houses that are built around the Venetian Castle standing on top of the hill. The town has an Archaeological Museum where significant findings of the island are exhibited.
The trademark of Amorgos is the Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa; the all-white monastery makes a stark antithesis with the rock, on top of which it stands. All over the island there are over 350 churches.
There are two ports: the biggest is Katapola with the church of Panagia Katapoliani and with beautiful sandy beaches. The other port is Aegiali, which includes three small all-white settlements. Arkesini is another lovely village.
Many of the beaches on Amorgos are not easily accessible; some require a lot of walking before they can be reached. The most well-known ones are Agia Anna, Mikri and Megali Glyfada near the village of Tholaria, Maltezi, Agios Panteleimonas and Foinikes in Katapola.
 •  Municipality of Amorgos: 2285074035, 2285074155

 •  Police: Amorgos: 2285071210 - Langada: 2285073320

 •  Clinics: Hora: 2285071207 - Katapola: 2285071805 - Arkesini: 2285072250 - Aegiali: 2285073222 - Pharmacy: 2285074166

 •  Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa: 2285071274

       How to get there
 •  Port Authorities: Katapola: 2285071259 – Aegiali: 2285073620 - Rafina: 2294022300 - Piraeus: 2104511310-7


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