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        16 Feb 2020
       Top sights
 •  Pay a visit to the Manor of Herod Atticus (2nd century A.D.) where you can admire the wonderful mosaic, the arcades, the aqueduct and the sanctuaries. The findings are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Astros

• The Monasteries of Loukous (12th century A.D.) and Malevi (14th century A.D.) constitute the religious centres of the area, exhibiting rich relics and also a significant contribution to the local history

• Agios Petros, the main village on Parnonas, is situated at 1000m above sea level and offers visitors plenty accommodation, alimentation, shopping choices

• Make a trip to Kastanitsa and Prastos; two beautiful little villages with all-white tower houses and the typical stone-roofs

• Visit Paralio Astros, a village that resembles a typical Aegean-island village

 •  On the first Friday after Easter Sunday, the annual celebration for the anniversary of the Second National Assembly of 1823 takes place in Astros

 •  In Platanos, do not miss the festivities in honour of love, waters and the moon, under the August moon

 •  At the end of October, do not miss the Chestnut Festival in Kastanitsa

 •  During summertime, the cultural event “Herodia” takes place by the archaeological site in Doliana. On occasion, the re-enactment of the Battle of Doliana is presented to the audience

 •  After August 15th, the village of Agios Petros hosts the cultural festivities of “Taneia”

 •  Try some hiking, rappel or climbing on Mount Parnonas and its canyons

           Municipality of VORIA KYNOURIA
Greece Region of Πελοποννήσου Perfecture of ARKADIA
Capital of the municipality :  ASTROS
Population:  15178

Voreia Kynouria is one of the most “blessed” municipalities in terms of monuments, traditional settlements and landscape variety. It stretches along the eastern part of Arcadia covering an area that includes a mountainous part on Mount Parnonas and exquisite beaches of the Myrtoon Sea.
Astros is the seat of the municipality and is linked with the Second National Assembly that convened there in 1823. This administrative unit is made up of other important villages that have preserved their traditional traits.
Agios Petros is a traditional settlement on Mount Parnonas, situated in the midst of a chestnut-tree filled landscape. The extremely well-preserved village of Kastanitsa has been named after the local chestnut production (chestnut = kastano, in Greek). The village of Doliana, at 1050m above sea level, is known for the homonymous victorious battle over the Turks during the 1821 Greek Revolution War.
Local monuments date back to different historical periods: the most significant is the Manor of Herod Atticus at Eva, in the area of Doliana. Nearby, the Monastery of Loukous dating back to the 12th century A.D. presents an architectural interest and rich relics.
 •  Municipality of Voreia Kynouria – Tourism Bureau: +302755071313

 •  Police Station: +302755051111

 •  Astros Health Care Centre: +302755022222

 •  Archaeological Museum: +302755023701, +302755022201

 •  Loukous Monastery: +302755041260

       How to get there
 •  KTEL Long-distance bus station: Astros +302755022218 – Tripolis +302710222560 – Athens 2105132834

 •  Port Authority: +302755051445

 •  Taxi: +302755022046, +302755051888


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