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        15 Apr 2021

   important locations

    Top sights
 •  Visit the historic and religious monuments, such as the Castle of Mytilene, the Roman Aqueduct at Moria, the Monasteries of Taxiarchis and of Leimono, and significant natural ecosystems such as the Gulfs of Kalloni and of Gera

• Make a trip to northern Lesvos where you can visit the traditional Medieval settlement of Mithymna (Molyvos) which is built amphitheatrically under the castle. To the south, the Church of Panagia is built on top of a rock in the centre of Petra. In the above areas there are some of the best beaches of the island

• Visit Agiassos, the most characteristic mountainous village of Lesvos, which is built in the forests of Olympus with narrow stone paved alley-ways and colourful houses. Further to the south is Plomari, a town that flourished commercially and industrially

 •  Visit the Petrified forest of Sigri: this is a preservable monument with trees that had been burried under the lava of the volcano of Ordymnos millions of years ago. There lies Eressos, the hometown of Sappho, with a vast sandy beach

 •  In Lemnos, visit Myrina with its imposing Byzantine Castle where deers live freely; visit the archaeological site of Polyochni, the church of Panagia inside the rock of Kakavos, the traditional village of Kontia with the windmills

       Top festivals
           Perfecture of LESVOS
Greece Region of North Aegean
Capital town: Mytilini

Χρησιμοποιήστε την ενότητα Προορισμοί,επάνω αριστερά στη σελίδα ,για να επιλέξετε τον προορισμό που σας ενδιαφέρει
The Prefecture is comprised of three islands: Lesvos, the third biggest island in Greece, Lemnos and Agios Efstratios. Mytilene is the capital, where one will come across countless manors of an astonishing architectural style and imposing churches, such as Agios Therapontas.
On the north of the island lies Molyvos, one of the most well-preserved traditional settlements in Greece. On its crest, a castle towers over the town. Agiassos, a mountainous settlement on the foot of Olympus, preserves a particular culture.
Lemnos is a volcanic island with little vegetation, lacy coastline and amazing beaches. Myrina and Moudros are the most significant settlements. Agios Efstratios is the smallest of the three islands: an ideal choice for tranquil holidays.
Findings prove the existence of human life on the island of Lesvos since 3500 BC. In Lesvos, poetry flourished with the poets Sappho and Alkaios. Lesvos has been conquered by many invaders throughout the centuries. The final liberation came on November 8th, 1912 by the Admiral Kountouriotis.
On the isle of Hephaestus, Lemnos, the establishment of the settlement of Polichni dates back to the 4th millenium BC. For the duration of 10 centuries, the island had been under Byzantine rule; it flourished after the 19th century. In the past, the island of Agios Efstratios served as a place of exile for political prisoners.

 •  Prefecture of Lesvos: 2251046777 – ΕΟΤ (GNTO – Greek National Tourist Organisation) of North Aegean: 2251042511

 •  Police: Lemnos: 2254022200 – Tourist Police (Lesvos): 2251022776

 •  Hospitals: “Vostanio” General Hospital of Mytilene: 2251057700 – General Hospital of Lemnos: 2254022222, 2254023333

 •  Museums: Archaeological Museum: 2251040223 – Museum of Byzantine Art: 2251028916 – Museum of Theofilos: 2251041644 - Terriade: 2251023372

 •  Thermal springs and medicinal spas: Gulf of Geras: 2251041503 – Polychnitos: 2252041229 - Lisvorion: 2252041201 – Eftalou: 2253071245 - Thermi: 2251071242

       How to get there
 •  By boat, Lesvos and Lemnos is connected to Peiraeus, Thessaloniki, Kaval, Chios, Alexandroupolis. By airplane, there is a connection from Athens and Thessaloniki

 •  Port Authorities: Mytilene: 2251047888, 2251040827 - Lemnos: 2254022225

 •  Airports: Mytilene: 2251061490, 2251061590 – Olympic Airways: 2251028659-60 - Lemnos: 2254092700, 2254092701

 •  KTEL Long-distance bus station: 2251028873 – Local bus station: 2251046436

 •  Taxi: 2251022064, 2251023500


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