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        21 Oct 2020

   important locations

    Top sights
 •  Stroll around the narrow and uphill back streets of Kastoria, where one can admire the unique local architecture: manors with rich internal and external decorations -a sign of prosperity thanks to the furriery-, as well as Byzantine churches with rare chancel screens and hagiographies

• An excursion around the lake on foot or by bike is an experience that will provide the visitor with unforgettable images. Kastoria, one of the most beautiful Greek cities, enters the lake Orestida which has been announced a “Monument of Natural Beauty”

 •  Visit the prehistoric lake settlement of Dispilio, by the banks of the lake across from Kastoria. Lakeside visitable huts reconstruct the life of prehistoric people

 •  Take a trip to the petrified forest at the village of Nostimo, where fossils from sharks, palm trees and other species testify that millions of years ago Kastoria hab been a sea area

       Top festivals
           Perfecture of KASTORIA
Greece Region of Western Macedonia
Capital town: Kastoria

Χρησιμοποιήστε την ενότητα Προορισμοί,επάνω αριστερά στη σελίδα ,για να επιλέξετε τον προορισμό που σας ενδιαφέρει
The Prefecture’s trademark, the capital city of Kastoria, is built on the narrowest part of the peninsula that enters Lake Orestiada; an idyllic location especially during spring and summer. The remains of a lake settlement dating back to the Stone Age have been unearthed by the south bank of the lake.
At 10 kilometers from Kastoria, the town of Argos Orestiko shows prominent signs of development due to its fur and twill shops. On the circumference of the village of Nostimo stands the Petrified Forest with tropical plants, sea and animal fossils.
In the Prefecture there are many beautiful villages, built on slopes and in forests, as well as lakeside settlements where local tavernas serve lake fish.
The findings in the prehistoric settlement of Dispilio prove a 7000-year local human existence. The area identifies with the Ancient Orestida, a location where the Macedonian kings established the Macedonian State.
In 197 BC, the Romans entered Kastoria and remained there until 395 AD when the Byzantine state was formed. In 1385 AD, after the charge of numerous tribes, the area was conquered by the Turks. During the Macedonian struggle, Kastoria was a significant center of preparation and action where Pavlos Melas, one of the most important officers of the Greek Army, took action.

 •  Prefecture of Kastoria: 2467055220

 •  Police: 2467022100

 •  Kastoria General Hospital: 2467055600

 •  Museums: Byzantine Museum: 2467026781 – Folklore Museum: 2467028603 – Ecomuseum: 2467021190

 •  Petrified Forest: 2467084588

 •  Lake Settlement of Dispilio: 2467074289

       How to get there
 •  KTEL Long-distance bus station: Kastoria 2467083455 – Athens 2105129308 - Thessaloniki: 2310595440

 •  Kastoria Airport: 246704515 – Olympic Airways: 2467022275

 •  Taxi: 2467082100


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