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        27 May 2020

   important locations

    Top sights
 •  Visit the Roman and Paleochristian Nicopolis where a vast and well-preserved archaeological site stands. The walls along with 35 towers, basilicas, mosaics are still preserved, while several other findings are exhibited in the local museum

• Take a trip to the Necromantic Oracle of Acherontas near the village of Mesopotamos, which has been located there since the 5th century BC. During the ancient times, people thought that the Gates of Hades were there; that is why the wider area became a tourist attraction for people from all over Greece wanting to communicate with the dead.

 •  To the east of the Prefecture, near Filippiada, the lake of Ziros creates a landscape of extreme natural beauty. In the locality, special types of tourism activities have been developed

 •  At Zaloggo, visit the historic rock from where the women of Souli fell to their death in order to escape the slavery to Ali Pasha. Nowadays, an imposing monument reminds us of their sacrifice

       Top festivals
           Perfecture of PREVEZA
Greece Region of Epirus
Capital town: Preveza

Χρησιμοποιήστε την ενότητα Προορισμοί,επάνω αριστερά στη σελίδα ,για να επιλέξετε τον προορισμό που σας ενδιαφέρει
The Prefecture of Preveza is an area of extreme natural beauty combined with a rich historical, residential and cultural heritage. Its capital, the city of Preveza stands by the entrance of the Amvrakikos Bay and still preserves its past nobleness.
Preveza is the northwestern boundary of the Amvrakikos Bay -one of the most significant wetlands of Europe, preserved by the RAMSAR Convention. Inside the bay, the double Delta of the rivers of Arahthos and Louros are formed.
Archaeological sites of diverse historical periods are scattered all over the Prefecture. Along the Ionian Sea coastline, lacy beaches have been created at the points where forests blend with the sea. In the north, the city of Parga is both a cosmopolitan and a picturesque destination.
The history of Preveza is imprinted on various monuments. In mythology, the valley of Acherontas had been the area where the souls of the dead continued to live. In the 13th century BC, one of the most ancient cities of Epirus, Efyra, was founded by the banks of the lake of Acherousia.
Nicopolis was built in 31 BC in remembrance of the victory of Octavian over Antony and Cleopatra. During the 3rd century AD, Nicopolis became the capital of Epirus. The period of the Ottoman rule has been characterized by two events: the Struggle of Souli and the sacrifice of the women at Zaloggo.

 •  Prefecture of Preveza, Department of Tourism: 2682022686

 •  Police: 2682022100 – Traffic Police: 2682089547

 •  General Hospital of Preveza: 2682046200

 •  Museums: Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis: 282041336 – Necromantic Oracle of Acherontas: 2684041206 –Aktion Sea-battle Museum: 2682089144

 •  Ammoudia Information Centre for river Acherontas: 2684041155

       How to get there
 •  Preveza KTEL Long-distance bus station: Preveza: 2682061331 – Athens: 2105129252 - Thessaloniki: 2310595405

 •  Preveza National Airport (Aktion): 2682022089, 2682025474

 •  Taxi: 2682028030, 2682028470


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