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        27 Nov 2020

   important locations

    Top sights
 •  Visit the Monastery of Agios Dionysios, in the city of Zakynthos, where you can see the saint’s relics, the picturesque squares of Agios Markos, Rouga and Solomos, and the seaside road of Strata Marina

 •  On the upper part of the city, go to the Hill of Stranis where Dionysios Solomos was inspired to write the Greek National Anthem; also visit the picturesque quarter of Mpohali below the Venetian Castle

 •  Make a trip to the biggest and the most frequented beach of Zakynthos, Laganas which stretches along 9 kilometres, but also to other beaches in the Gulf of Laganas. On the northern side of the Gulf,the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Caretta-Caretta is reprodu

 •  Go to the northern part of the island, to the Cape Schinari where you can visit the magnificent geological formation of the Blue Caves; on the western part of Zakynthos is the island’s most well-known site, the beach of the Shipwreck (Navagio)

 •  Do not miss going to the traditional villages of the hinterland: the aphitheatrically built Katastari, Machairado where you can visit the church of Agia Mavra and listen to its melodic bells, Agios Leon, Keri, etc

       Top festivals
           Perfecture of ZAKYNTHOS
Greece Region of Ionian Islands
Capital town: Zakynthos

Χρησιμοποιήστε την ενότητα Προορισμοί,επάνω αριστερά στη σελίδα ,για να επιλέξετε τον προορισμό που σας ενδιαφέρει
Zakynthos is an island with profound cultural elements, the homeland of the National Poet Dionysios Solomos and of the writer Andreas Kalvos. It is also a place of great religious tradition that hosts the relic of Agios Dionysios and the breeding location of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Caretta-Caretta.
This is the most southern island of the Ionian Sea that presents a significant tourist development and a rich agricultural production, based mainly on the cultivation of olive trees, citrus fruits and raisins. The climate is temperate with rainfalls.
The northern and western shores of Zakynthos are rocky and imposing, while forming sea caves. The city of Zante stretches on the foothill under the Castle. It has a western feel and a unique style.
Known from the Prehistoric period, Zakynthos, is referred to as Ylyessa (=wooded) by Homer. The island participated in the Trojan War on the side of Ulysses. Zakynthos held a neutral part in the Persian Wars and was an ally of Athens during the Peloponnese War.
In the duration of the Byzantine Era, the island was looted by pirates and the Vandals. During the Venetian rule the area was radically transformed and received a cultural boost by the conquerors. After that period, British, French and Russians consecutively conquered the island until 1864, when Zakynthos was annexed in the Greek State.

 •  Tourist Police: 2695024482-3 – Police Flying Squad: 2695022100

 •  Fire Department: 2695022199

 •  General Hospital of Zakynthos: 2695049111-3,42514-5 –Emergency Service: 2695023166

       How to get there
 •  KTEL Long-distance bus station: Zakynthos 2695042656-22255 – Athens 210 5129432 – Patras 2610220129 – Thessaloniki 2310551057

 •  Olympic Airways: 2695048611

 •  Port Authorities: Zakynthos 2695028117-8 – Kyllini 2623092211

 •  Radio taxi: 2695048400


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