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        21 Oct 2020

   important locations

    Top sights
 •  Visit the archaeological site of Delphi with the Stadium, the Temple of Apollo, the theatre, the Kastalia Spring, the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia

• In Vardoussia, it is worth visiting the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos where Athanassios Diakos took his monastic vows; in Gravia, visit the renovated “Hani” (Inn) where one of the most important battles of the Greek Revolution of 1821 took place

 •  Walk around the nautical city of Galaxidi with the impressive “kapetanospita” (Sea Captain’s Houses) and the picturesque back streets

 •  Take a trip to Amfissa, a city that has preserved elements of the past, such as: the Salona Fortress (Orgia), the Acropolis, the Church of the Saviour (Sotiros) (11th century AD) and the Church of the Evaggelistria

 •  Visit the “Vagonetto” Fokis Mining Park, where visitors have the ability to walk through arcades and watch a re-enactment of the excavation procedure of bauxite

       Top festivals
           Perfecture of FOKIDA
Greece Region of Sterea Ellada
Capital town: Amfissa

Χρησιμοποιήστε την ενότητα Προορισμοί,επάνω αριστερά στη σελίδα ,για να επιλέξετε τον προορισμό που σας ενδιαφέρει
At the heart of the wider area of Roumeli, in the Prefecture of Fokida, stands the Navel of the Earth, i.e. the archaeological site of Delphi, with the stadium where every four years the Delphian Pythia took place, the Temple of Apollo, the Theatre, the Kastalia Spring and the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.
In the capital city of Amfissa the Salona Fortress is still preserved, as is the Acropolis and other remarkable religious monuments. The town of Itea functions as the port of Amfissa and Delphi, while Galaxidi exhibits a nobleness that never fades and awaits visitors to get acquainted with the town’s nautical tradition.
The Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos where Athanassios Diakos took monastic vows is located in the town of Vardoussia. In Gravia, the Historic Inn has been renovated; the bust in honour of Odysseas Androutsos has been placed near by. One of the best resorts on Parnassos is Eptalofos and Polydrossos, near the Ski Centre.
The area had been initially inhabited by the Pelasgians who later on intermingled with the Aiolians and the Dorians. Fokida is in-wrought with the archaeological site of Delphi, whose history begins in 1400 BC. The Oracle functioned until 392 AD.
Fokida was the centre point of activities during the Ottoman rule, where significant heroes and personalities of the Revolution were born (Athanassios Diakos, General Makrygiannis, Delmouzos, etc) and where important battles took place (Hani of Gravia, Salona, etc).

 •  Tourism Bureau of the Prefecture of Fokida: 2265028265 – Delphi: 2265082900

 •  Police Station of Amfissa: 2265028623

 •  General Hospital of Amfissa: 2265028400, 2265022222, 2265028888 – Health Care Centre of Itea: 2265032224 – Health Care Centre of Lidoriki: 2266022222

       How to get there
 •  KTEL Long-distance bus station of Fokida: Amfissa 2265028226 – Athens 2108316927

 •  Ferry boat port of Agios Nikolaos: 2266031132, 2266031854


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